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Who we are

We don't bother with watchwords or the current parlais in the business world; as far as we are concerned, all your business dealings should always involve 'active synergies', we are always striving, always 'going forward'.  Many of our staff were thinking 'out of the box' long before some of the current generation of 'Client focussed, result driven, Six sigma black belt ninjas' were still in short trousers, trying to figure out how to get into the box in the first place.

We have always been a 'strategic fit'. We have just never felt the need to say so, that's all. We do things differently from most companies, so we strive and thrive on that very principle. And consequently we believe, so have our customers and associates.

We just do what we do without fuss, bother or drama. We're here to make your life easier, not drown you in technobabble, gobbledegook or inch-thick forms drawn up with half a pint of blood.

As it says on most of our company brochures, try us and see: we guarantee that you won't be disappointed.